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Networking - Wired or Wireless?

Does your organization plan to open a new office in the near future? If so, you may wish to take some time to think about your networking needs. In particular, you should try to figure out whether you want to install a wired system or a wireless one.

Wired Networking vs. Wireless Networking - Which is Right for You?

Wired Networking vs. Wireless Networking - Which is Right for You?Before you decide whether your company should opt for wired networking or its wireless cousin, it is a good idea to learn a little more about the main benefits of each option. So let's take a look.

If you decide to install a wired network, you will enjoy these benefits:

Fast Connection Speeds: Ethernet connections are almost always quicker than Wi-Fi connections.
Improved Security: Data is typically safer in a wired system since it travels through secure ethernet cables - rather than through the air.
Reliability: Wired networks generally have less downtime than their wireless counterparts.

Wireless networking also has lots of benefits. The most important ones to consider are:

Mobility: Wireless networks allow employees to move around the office with their devices without dragging wires behind them.
Easy Set-Up: Since there is no need to string cables, it is usually much quicker and easier to set up a wireless network than a wired one.
Expandability: Adding new users to a wireless network is a simple and straightforward process. There is generally no need to run new cables or purchase any new equipment.

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