Forum Posts Group Listings Home Page is a cool social media platform created for a customer in Illinois. This social media platform is geared towards the knitting community, allowing them to share ideas, designs, patterns, and many more.

The back-office is designed in our own custom in-house developed back-office framework we have used on many systems over the years, developed in PHP7, with a PostgreSQL backend database, and integrated with AJAX for lightning-fast responsiveness.

It comes complete with a chat and notifications system built atop Node.JS with a sub-process.


Developed in PHP 7.2, we opted to use the Slim framework for the frontend system infrastructure, allowing us to rapidly deploy the system in a modular setup.

Microtronix developed the backend system using our in-house back-office framework in PHP7.2. We chose PostgreSQL for the database to give us the increased power of PGSQL, along with the ability to scale using PGSQL's great clustering ability in the future. Microtronix setup and manages the servers to run it's infrastructure in-house, colocating at Tier 3 level datacenters here in the U.S. that we work with.

Their chat system is implemented using a Node.JS chat server with connections for rapid chat communications between users.